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A Heartwarming Tale Of A One-Eyed Stray Getting A Second Chance.

Arnold was a stray dog that was found on the streets. He had a rough life and was on his last leg. He was found with a chain that had been wrapped around his leg for so long that it had embedded itself in his skin. His right eye was also in such bad condition that it would need to be removed.

Yet, despite all this Arnold was a strong dog that still knew how to love. He was able to find a home and live the rest of his life in happiness.

Arnold was a dog rescued from the streets by a shelter and taken in by a loving couple


Three months before this picture he was just another stray on the streets


He was badly injured. His right eye was removed and he had a chain embedded into his leg


Here you can see some of the surgery he had to go through. Still has a smile on his face though


he only weighed 27lbs when he was found. This is about HALF of what an average healthy dog would weigh. He also tested positive for heartworms


Arnold was always positive and never let anything bring him down. He fit right in with his new family


Over the new few months he gained weight and was happy. Unfortunately his owners discovered he had one of the worst cases of whip worm possible and a possibly unknown illness causing other problems. He spent 40 out of 90 days on medicine trying to help his digestive system


Arnold grew from 27 to 43 lbs. His eating slowed though and his new owner had to get up extra early to try and feed him every morning.


He started showing signs of bloating. It looks like the heartworms were getting to him.


Sadly, Arnold is dying. He has congestive heart failure and needs to be put down. He is still really happy even though his body is failing. He had a dinner of steak for dinner and bacon for breakfast. His favorite!


Arnold had a second chance at life. He lived it happy and loved with everything he had. He found everything needed in life before he passed away.


The story of Arnold is so beautiful, sad and sweet all at the same time. It shows us that no matter how bad life seems, it can still be turned around. SHARE this loving story with others.

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