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The problem of sexual potency. Variety of drugs.

The problem of weak sexual potency is a widespread phenomenon in which an obligatory visit to a doctor is required. And it’s not even that bad erectile function affects a man’s sexual life, sexual problems can signal serious disorders in the body.

Is it possible to cure a weak potency by rest?

One common misconception is that the frequent prerequisites for the development of sexual weakness in men are psychological factors:

  • stress;
  • tense situation at work or at home;
  • lack of proper rest;
  • frequent absence of a full night’s sleep.

sexual dysfunctionThese phenomena affect the genital reaction and can actually lead to disturbances, but in this case the disease is characterized by an acute onset (sudden development of symptoms) and after the elimination of the cause – completely passes. According to the doctors’ observations, such patients are no more than 10-15%, they can really help rest, visit a sexologist, and in some cases – a psychotherapist, as well as eliminate the stress factor. In most cases, sexual problems have a gradual development, the causes for this phenomenon are many factors, including the psychological component along with other diseases – the so-called mixed cause. In these cases, you need to undergo a diagnosis, and then on the basis of the results the doctor will prescribe the most effective treatment.

What methods are used to treat mild potency?

Treatment of sexual disorders in men should be comprehensive: therapy of the underlying cause and direct restoration of the erection. Among the methods that are used to restore the erection, the most popular is the intake of medications. Among the advantages of this method are:

  • painlessness
  • convenience
  • efficiency
  • almost instantaneous result

At the same time, a variety of drugs makes it possible to choose a drug suitable for the action and cost. One of the most popular drugs Cialis. It has a special rapidity of activation (you can enter into sexual intercourse 16-20 minutes after taking the pill) and prolonged action (Cialis activity does not decrease for 36 hours).

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