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Dog Finds A Helpless Kitten And Gives Up Everything To Stay By Its Side

A call was made to the animal control office about a dog barking behind a Home Depot in Anderson, South Carolina. The barking was coming from a ravine. The officer who arrived at the seen, Michelle Smith, saw a little shih-tzu, now named Goldie, at the bottom. At first it seemed like Goldie was stuck or might be tangled in briars at the bottom. So She climbed down to get the poor dog when she saw something spectacular. A tine kitten was nursing at Goldie’s side. The dog wasn’t stuck at all, she was trying to get help for her little friend.

Goldie and the kitten both got a ride to the animal shelter


Even after they got there Goldie refused to leave the kittens side


She constantly took care of the kitten as if it were her own


Goldie could have left at any time. There was nothing wrong with her and yet she stayed with her new found friend.


They were both taken in by someone and continue to spend their days together as a new happy family!


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